Annapurna Area Treks

Central Nepal is known by Annapurna Himalayas and the beautiful town of Pokhara. There are 3 major trekking routes in this region: to Jomsom, to the Annapurna Sanctuary & a circuit of Annapurna massif. Pokhara is also a good starting place for a number of shorter treks, three of which are described in this chapter. The ancient Kingdom of Mustang is also geographically part of the Annapurna region.   
The National Trust for Nature Conservation launched the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), the first and largest conservation area in Nepal, covering 7,629 sq. km in 1986 as an innovative concept in the protected area management system of the country. The conservation area embraces a multiple land use principles of resource management that combines environmental protection with sustainable community development. Traditional subsistence activities are woven into a framework of sound resource management, supplemented by conservation, development and alternative energy Program memes to minimize the negative impacts of tourism and enhance the living standards of the local people.  
The biological diversity of the Annapurna Region is equally rivaled by its rich cultural diversity. Since the first trekker came to the Annapurna area in 1957, the natural and cultural features of ACAP have made it the most popular tourist destination in Nepal, drawing more than 60 per cent of the country's total trekkers. ACAP follows the three grassroots philosophy of maximum people's participation, sustainability, and its role as catalyst (facilitator) whereby the local people are involved in all aspects of the conservation and development processes, both as principal actors and prime beneficiaries. 
The area is easily accessible treks here offer good scenery of high mountains and lowland villages, rivers, waterfalls, Rhododendron forest, their gnarled pinkish limbs festooned with epiphytic ferns and Orchids. This area is home to a leopard, birds, barking deer (antelope), red panda and yaks. There are so many trekking routes in this area.