Nepal has new achieved worldwide recognition as one of the best mountain biking destinations. The reason being that it is a mountainous country with diverse landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty. The numerous dirt roads and the trail that lead to scenic place inside and outside the valley have made Nepal a favorite among mountain Bikers. This fact has lead to the growth of foreigners coming to the Himalayan Country of Nepal even for the biking. BIking tour: Around Annapurna, Jomsom-MUktinath, Kathmandy valley tour, Kathmandu-Pokhara and more.

 Mountain biking is a fantastic way to explore Nepal. The allow you to travel independently and stop where ever you want. You do not have to tortuous buses. You can explore secluded places and reach places that can not be visited any other way.

Nepal has many trails to ride on. You can make a challenging climb thousands of meters to reach a viewpoint with fantastic views. Then you make an exhilarating descent. It is an interesting trip ride to Royal Chitwan National Park.

The long bike tours require that you are physical fit. Unless you plan to ride along a trekking route, there is no required paperwork. To do any serious biking you need a mountain bike, and a normal bike will not do.

The Kathmandu Valley has some great places to ride. It has many trails and back roads. It is a good way to visit the interesting towns, temples and Buddha stupas. It can be really interesting visiting a rarely visited traditional Newari village. To get around the valley you most likely will want a good map, such as the Schneider map. Most of the other maps are not very good and are often inaccurate.

Many trails are not on maps and you will need a good sense of direction and will have to stop and ask directions to get around. A little Nepali can really help.