We would like to introduce you that we are a travel/trekking company in Nepal operating various kinds of tours in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We are a complete treks and tours organizer which is under the management of experienced Nepal Himalayan Guides since 1999. This is a Government registered trekking company known as Himalaya Family Adventure Private Limited.
  • Nabaraj Dhakal

    Team Leader (Founder)

    We Have been working on trekking sector for more than 15 years. I am passionate on trekking new places with my crew, there is nothing in the world that is enough if you love nature. 
    We have practical knowledge about high Himalayan treks, peak climbing and operating varieties of tours. As a trek and tour operator in Nepal, we would like to welcome every guest from the different parts of the world and enjoy our services. We strive to provide our clients with the best service in the travel, treks and all the adventures today. We are always committed to offering travel services of the good quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm with our years of experiences. Satisfaction of our guests is our prime motto. Trip to Nepal.
    As we are committed to providing your clients the best possible services, we are always seeking ways to improve our products and services. Your clients’ comments and suggestions were of great help to improving our future services. Continuous research and survey on destinations and each and every client’s comments also help us track with the demands and tastes of clients.
    We have been setting the standard for commitment to careful, mindful, environmentally and culturally responsible travel in the field since our period. We share our love for our destinations and communicate their enthusiasm and knowledge with their travel mates. We are confident that these traditional bonds of friendship will always remain firm and steadfast. To the newcomers, we would like to Welcome you to our ways of exploring Nepal and invite you to join with us and have a chance to use our services. We would like to maintain warm relationship with you all through this opportunity. Let us make the moment adventurous and exciting with us in Nepal. Life is Beautiful, Keep Smiling...!!! - Nabaraj Dhakal (NABO)- M.D.

  • Rajan Dhakal

    Tour Guide

    Mr. Rajan Dhakal has been involving in tourism fiels since 12 years. He started his profession from the Tourist Hotel  as a relation Manager. After completing his Master Degree, got training for Tourist Guide from the Ministery of Tourism.He is very sincere on his duty and good explainer about the history of Nepal, surrounding temples, Monastries, Palace, People and so on.  In his word, Naturally born for the Trekking and Adventureous in high mountains and terrain with very socially active with different peoples. There is nothing the world that makes you happy , its always up on your thoughts. 


  • Dharma Timalsina

    Trekking Guide

    Namaste! I have been trekking fields since 12 years, I started my job as a porter to the high himalayan passes. In my openion: "Practical knoledge is more than theorical". Please take a experience guide during your trek to Himalayas..

  • Uttar Ghale

    Trekking Guide

    Tashi Dhelek!! This is me, Uttar! I have been trekking since 25 years. whatever you want to know about any Himalayan trekking trails, new opened route, don't forget to take experience guide to know about reality. Life is Beautiful, Keep Smiling... 

  • Purushottam Timalsina

    IT Manager

    "Naturally Nepal, Once is not enough". Namaste! from Himalaya Family to the people around the world. Now we are on 21st century and this is the age of Information & Technology. Everybody need true information, realiable services as well as safety tours and good hospitality. why not to grab such a opportunity!! 

  • Govinda Raj Nepal


    "Take a Photographs, leave a footprints"

    Mr. Govin is Photographer and Media enthuastic person. He is very professional natural photographer and the person who is continuesly writting sport and tourism news to the National Newspaper. He is very trustworthy, realible, dedicated and puntual on his duty. He is like a backbone of this company.  

  • Dhruba Adhikari

    Japan Reprentative

    Mr. Dhruba Adhikari has been working in tourism field since 15 years. He was starting his job as a Japanese Guide. Now, He live in Japan since few years. He is recommending Japanese client  from Japan to Nepal. 

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