Tibet Tour

Tibet, located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 4000m above sea level, is praised as the "Roof of the World". The special geographic conditions and environment cultivated its unique culture, history and the people, creating a splendid chapter in the history of human civilization. There are the grand Himalayan Mountain, clear and beautiful rivers in high mountains, dreamlike lakes on the plateau, vast endless grassland in north Tibet, mysterious Buddhist culture and the warm and open-hearted Tibetans, which make Tibet the holy land for tourists, pilgrims and explorers. Come on to this piece of land that stands closest to the blue sky to cherish the snow-capped mountains, grassland, lakes, sunshine and lamaseries and search for our spiritual home.
A journey in Tibet is an adventure, a special experience of a unique culture where religion and Buddhist faith are inseparable from everyday life. This faith is expressed in many ways, from the spinning of prayer wheels to the circumambulation of Mt Kailas.
On the right side are the conventional routes of tours in Tibet we have designed, taking Kathmandu as the starting point. We may design different routes for you based on your requirements and location.
Of course, we may add more programs to this route. If you have special requirements regarding scenic spots, arrangements, accommodations, just let us know as early as possible. We suggest it would be best to make your tours in Tibet from April to October. But we are also happy to be at your service in winter since Tibet has a particular taste at that time.